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This is Banwood Bikes, perhaps one of the most sought-after lifestyle brands for children and creators of some of the most wonderful bike products and accessories for children between 2 and 5 years old. Proud of their values for safety, quality design, Banwood Bikes Scandinavian offer a Scandinavian design and are as beautifully made as they are stylish and eye-catching. All made from durable high-end materials, we are delighted to be regularly stocking Banwood Bikes, Banwood Trikes, Banwood Bicycles, and Banwood Helmets.  Often limited in availability in the UK, our stock levels can fluctuate.  We would recommend registering for our free newsletter for Banwood availability, new products or offers.

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1 product

More About Banwood Bikes

Whether you are starting with a trike, balance bike or bicycle, thanks to their quality and style Banwood offer the perfect introduction to your child to the delight of cycling and all the fun and freedom it offers as they build their independence. 

Banwood are a family-owned design company from Germany.  Beyond the lovely comfort and the great looks of the bikes, the thought and care they put into their bicycle designs is second-to-none and all made with your children’s development in mind, purposefully supporting them towards pedal bikes without the need for stabilisers.  

A Banwood Trike is a fabulous gift for young children aged 2-3.  Again, the minimalistic Scandinavian design makes these a high-demand product for us and are typically snapped up once they arrive, especially before Christmas.  The Banwood Trike has been designed for balance training and boosting motor skills, and comes with a soft padded oak seat, vegan leather details, wooden oak pedals, a gorgeous wicker basket and a delightful bell.   Also helping make these stand apart, the Banwood Trike also comes with a removal push bar, attachable to the rear of the trike so your child can be pushed or gently nudged along. 

For older children, the classic Banwood bike is comprised of a classic steel upright frame, offering safety and durability.  Its much-loved feature is the strong wicker basket, perfect for stowing that day’s favourite toy or treasure trove of finds.  

Banwood Bikes come in a range of fabulous, including; sky (a power blue), white, green (a rich racing green), cream, pink , navy, red, bonton-r-pink, chrome, plaid and medallion.   It really is these style-centred colours that help set Banwood Bikes apart and make them one, if not the, most desired bikes for young children.